Custom Treks

All Altitude Syndrome treks are fully customized. All you need to do is get in touch with us and together we will chalk out the plans for your group. Here are some things we would like to discuss with you:

Destination: Ranging from cakewalk to death-wish, treks in the Himalayas cover a wide spectrum of adventure. Needless to say, not every trek is for everyone. Using our experience, we help you finalize the ideal trek and season for your group.
Facilities: You get to pick and choose the services needed, including equipment rental, food menu, level of porter support, type of camping (Spartan to pampered), transportation, and hotel bookings.
Duration: A trek is not merely a tick mark on your bucket list. To make the most of your vacation we often recommend increasing the duration of the trek by a day or two and take it nice and slow.
Add-ons: You can often combine trekking with other activities in the region. This could include river rafting, paragliding, skiing, village events, pilgrimages, and more.